We are small family apiaries who live in Libhošť near Nový Jičín and in Ostrava-Hrabůvka. Our hives are situated  in the area of the natural monuments Sedlnické sněženky and nearby forests. We currently have 30 bee colonies. We  keep the bees mild and healthy. Beekeeping in traditional hives that we produce ourselves. Beekeeping is our hobby. My wife is a primary teacher and I work as an electronic specialist for industrial automation.

Our honey you can buy directly in our house in Libhošť or in Ostrava at my parents´ house. Unfortunately they  canť speak  English at all, but me and my wife do. As for me I know a few basic English phrases and words.

Spring honey – honey from fruit tree, hawthorn, acacia, chestnut, rapeseed and other flowers in the spring.
Forest honey – honey with honeydew from trees.
Linden honey – honey from czech national tree linden.
Multi flower honey – from flowers and trees blooming in summer.
Whipped honey – creamed honey from spring honey.

Check the availability of honey by phone. We have the biggest selection in the summer.
Phone number to beekeeper Monika is +420 725 809 912. In the week call after 15pm. At the weekend call 8am-19pm.
Address and map are here.

The countries where our honey tasted.
Sri Lanka